Cotton balls: Every bathroom cabinet has these in plenty because they are extremely useful. However, we forget that they have many more uses that we barely even think of.

Cotton balls can be used in different ways and when you realize that, you will know what beautiful wonders they actually are!

  1. Carry your nail polish remover with you without the bottle! One of the best uses of cotton balls is to saturate them with the liquid you use the most and to keep them in a tightly sealed bag or bottle. You can carry this anywhere and pick a cotton ball, ready to wipe the nail polish off! You can apply the same technique to rubbing alcohol and bug spray.
  2. Apply makeup with it. You can apply makeup using a cotton ball with ease. Applying powder, highlighter, bronzer, and blush is easier with cotton balls since they even let you blend and tone the makeup.
  3. Perfume: You can use this technique to make your lingerie drawer smell amazing. Spritz some onto a cotton ball so that it disperses the scent easily.

Image Credits: xenicx/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos