Applying eye shadow properly is not easy. You need to know how to blend and mix the eye shadow well in order to apply it perfectly. Any mistakes can result in a very thick layer or a very thin one. Here are steps to help you out:

1. Blend: Only when you blend your eye shadow properly will you be able to attain the perfect eye shadow. If you don’t blend well, you will end up with blocky eye shadow which will look fake and bad. Rotate the brush softly for the colors to merge.

2. Base: Yes, you have to work a little hard to get the perfect eye shadow. Starting with a base can keep mess and smudge away. Eye shadow primer is an ideal purchase thus.

3. Colors: The main reason behind applying eye shadow is making your eyes pop and grabbing attention. Blue eyes should have light brown, blue and bronze eye shadow. Green eyes look amazing with lavenders, dark greens and browns. Those with brown eyes are the luckiest because just any color will suit them!

4. Highlight: Make sure the corners and the brow bone are highlighted.

5. Shimmer: You have to be very careful with shimmer. If you have wrinkles and creases, shimmer could actually accentuate them. Hence, you should try them out and go crazy with them only if you are young.