Busy ladies barely get any time to doll themselves up. However, it is not wrong to want to look great each day. Why not try these tips so that you get dressed quickly without wasting any time?

1. Skip the foundation. You really don’t need it when you are in a rush. Replace it with a tinted moisturizer and you will get the affect you are looking for. If you don’t have a tinted moisturizer, take your regular moisturizer, add a drop of foundation to it, mix it, and apply like lotion.

2. Use multi-purpose products such as cream blush. Cream blush helps you brighten your cheeks as well as your lips.

3. Skip the lipstick too. It takes time to get it right. Instead, go for a tinted lip-gloss. It is easy to apply and you will get the color you want.

4. Use dry shampoo if you don’t have time to shampoo. This will remove the grease and make your hair look great.

5. Carry blotting papers with you wherever you go so that you absorb the oils before they start to ruin your face. Blotting papers will help you look fresh without working too hard.

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