Oh, what don’t we do to look beautiful? Surely you have left no stone unturned in terms of beauty enhancement. But today I’ll talk about a few beauty treatments that will make you gape and go What The . . .!!! They are extremely bizarre but they are apparently very efficient. You will hate the thought of these but love the after effects. Are you willing to try them? We’ll find out once you read about them.

• Bird Poop: Yeah, you read it right. This is indeed poop. There is a Japanese powder made out of bird poop. This is nothing recent. Evidences say that the geishas in the 18th century used it to remove their heavy make-up at the end of the day. The powder contains songbird poop which is apparently rich in guanine, an amino acid. Poop might seem cheap but this one comes very expensive. If you go for a 50 minute facial, it will easily cost you $180! Don’t try making this at home though. Try buying the powder online if you want to cut down on the costs.

• Ant Body Wash: Oh yeah. As if poop wasn’t enough, think about ant body wash. Find it refreshing? The reason behind this is that ants have high amounts of formic acid which is a high energy source. This is also the reason why many people eat ants as a part of their healthy diet. The body wash is apparently ideal for those who have oily skin.

• Bull Sperm Conditioner: would you ever try a conditioner made out of bull sperm? The reason why this is used is that bull sperm has high protein that provides hair follicles with a lot of moisture. Your locks will be very smooth and shiny after using this conditioner.

• Pig Placenta Beauty Drink: Placenta contains a lot of fluids. It also has slime and blood. Would you ever drink it? Well if you are a beauty conscious freak, you certainly will. Placenta has loads of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Thus, it will nourish, protect and moisturize your skin.

• Portuguese Urine Gargle: Now this is definitely the height of it! Urine GARGLE!? Oh yes, urine gargle it is! Urine contains urea and ammonia that prevent gingivitis, the gum disease.

Will you try them? I certainly would want to try the ant body wash. It fascinates me. What will you try?

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