Blemishes are getting common each day. There are a lot of factor that contribute to them and even make them worse. Hence, complete hygiene is very important when it comes to getting rid of blemishes. Here are a few steps for you to follow so that you can keep them at bay:

 Wash your face well and exfoliate regularly. Yes, this point is repeated in each article and you are very bored of it but it is very important. It is repeated because no matter what, you should not skip washing your face twice each day with a mild cleanser and exfoliating once a week. Scrubbing will get rid of all the dirt and toxins that accumulate each day. You will thus have your skin cleaned from the inside.

 If you have the habit of picking your skin, you need to stop it. Picking can cause infections and also lead to scarring. These scars could become permanent and thus ruin your face for life.

 Change the detergent that you use to wash your pillow cases and bed sheets. Use a fragrance free detergent and keep away from fabric softeners.

 We all know how harmful sun’s rays can be but the rays are beneficial too. Thus, you should expose yourself to the sun once in a while. It will kill bacteria and control your blemishes.

 As far as possible, use only mineral make-up. It is very gentle and safe even for sensitive skin.

 Wipe your phone and your ear phones with alcohol regularly. They can be a source of bacterial infections.

 Eat well and follow a healthy diet. If you are healthy on the inside, it will definitely reflect on your skin.

 Don’t take too much stress. Stress is indeed the root cause of all evil. Stay relaxed and look fresh.