If your skin is sensitive and it reacts very quickly to the environment, skin care products and cosmetics, you know how difficult it can get to take care of it. Here are tips about sensitive skin and its care:

Sensitive skin: there are 4 categories of sensitive skin – rosacea, burning and stinging, acne and contact dermatitis. Irritants and allergies fall in the last category. Remember that unless your skin reacts negatively to even the most commonly used products, your skin is not called sensitive. There are many cases in which you might experience rashes due to a particular product. That does not insinuate that you have sensitive skin.

Caring: There is no need for those with sensitive skin to follow a skin care regimen. Honestly speaking, the less you apply, the better it will be for your skin! Stay away from soap because it can lead to excessive dryness. Use a mild cleanser once each day. Use a cream-based moisturizer too so that the moisture is withheld. Aloe, chamomile, green tea, etc are the ingredients to look for in skin care products.

Here are products that you can choose because they have minimum number of ingredients:

 Face powder

 Pencil eyebrow color and eyeliner instead of liquid.

 Earth toned eye shadows because these are not irritating to skin.

 Foundation that is silicon based to minimize the irritation.


Protect your skin from the environment. Use a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15. Choose a zinc based product for best results. Extreme temperatures can also be very harmful. So make sure you keep the high temperature tolerable and low temperature bearable by using a humidifier. Make sure your skin is always moisturized. There also may be fabrics that affect your skin. Loose clothing is better.


A healthy diet is an absolute must. Eat foods high in Vitamin B or take a vitamin B complex tablet every day. Tuna, almonds, sunflower seeds, salmon, low fat dairy products and whole grains should be added to your diet.