Spa treatments. Aren’t they simply fab? They are the right way to get pampered and to give your skin the required boost. Pollution and harsh weather can ruin your skin and there is no better treatment than a relaxing and luxurious spa treatment.

The point here is that since not everyone has the same skin type, the treatment is also not the same. A particular spa treatment, which works wonders for your friend may simply not work for you. The reason is that both your skin types vary.

1. Oily Skin: Oily skin is oily because of the obvious fact that it produces excessive oil. The problem is that this oil works like a magnet for makeup, debris, and dust. The pores are thus congested and with time, they harden considerably. In order to battle this congestion, the facial must include an exfoliant. This can however be tricky and you must thus leave it to the expert to do it safely for you.

2. Combination skin: This type of skin is a combination of dry and oily. While some parts are dry, others are oily. Both these areas need to be treated separately. The perfect spa treatment for you would be that which consists of microdermabrasion or enzyme exfoliants. On your T-zone, extractions are required and your entire face will require a treatment mask to soothe and to moisturize.

3. Mature skin: This is the most challenging type of skin because it has so many complications surrounding it. It could be dehydrated, acne prone, oily, and congested at the same time. Depending on the type of skin, the expert will treat it and then focus upon the major problem to get it out of the way. The result will be better circulation and healthier skin.

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