Hives are usually only temporary for many people and they can be avoided. The triggers are laundry detergent and shellfish. However, some people suffer from these allergies regularly with no explanation or warning. This can keep reappearing for months together. Cold utricaria is one example. If you suffer from this, you will have to deal with an allergic response every time you face low temperatures. Sometimes, the reaction can even lead to death.

Here are the symptoms of Cold Utricaria:

1. Redness

2. Itchy skin

3. Swollen mouth and lips after consuming cold drinks

4. Large welts

5. Anaphylaxis – This is an extreme allergic reaction that causes loss of consciousness, difficulty in breathing and even death.

Treatment: The best treatment would be to avoid or prevent allergic triggers as much as possible. Here are some doctor advices remedies:

1. Stay warm: Prevent walking around during the winters. If you have to leave the house, make sure you are nicely covered and expose minimal skin.

2. Identify and Avoid triggers: Cold is just one trigger. There may be other triggers too. For instance, if your skin remains irritated throughout the season of winter, look at the dryness. It may be because of the clothes you are wearing, the soap or the fabric detergent you use.

3. Medication: There are effective non-drowsy antihistamines that your doctor may provide. Glucocorticoid steroids are also a good option.

4. EipPen: If your allergic response is extremely severe and a danger to life, you should carry an epinephrine pen so that you can administer it whenever there is an emergency.

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