Skin care is essential. Of course.

The problem today is that there are so many ‘experts’ with so many different opinions that it is very confusing and scary to say the least. Whom should you trust? What should you follow? You never know!

Four Skin Care Myths Busted


To make things easier for you, here are a few myths debunked:

  1. Many people believe that if your skin tingles when you apply a new product, the product is good and is working. No. Skin tingling shows that the product is irritating your skin. If you keep using the product even though your skin tingles, it will lead to skin damage.
  2. Some people are under the impression that you should keep changing the products you use because skin has the tendency to adapt. Really? NO! Skin products should not be changed. You may see only slight improvements when compared to when you started using the product but that is because your skin needed more help before!
  3. Women outgrow acne. No, I am sorry. That is wrong and sad. Women don’t outgrow acne. Men are able to do it because their hormones stabilize after a point of time. Women have fluctuations and that is why, acne can persist.
  4. SPF 30 works double in comparison to SPF 15. No. SPF 30 is only 4% more effective. The secret to applying sunscreen is generous application.

Image Credits: Nono Fara