We all love silky, soft hair.

Softness and shine actually go hand in hand and both of them are linked to hydration. Only when your hair is properly hydrated will it have the softness that you are looking for. Most of you surely suffer from dryness, split ends, rough hair or breakage. For quick fixes, go through the tips given below:

 Tools: Curling irons, blow dryers, hair straighteners etc can make your hair very dull. They are heat loving tools and your hair can’t withstand that. Hence, you must use a leave in conditioner to help protect your hair from the dryness. A thermal protect spray will also help. You can choose among the two.

 Brushing: Brushing your hair too much or going on twirling it could damage your hair. It could lead to thinning of strands. Use a good leave in conditioner so that the friction decreases and you have beautifully soft strands.

 Dye: Bleaching regularly, coloring and relaxing can damage the protective coating of hair known as the F-layer. This will result in extremely dry hair that would be hard to even touch. Thus, you should keep such procedures at the minimum and use products that are formulated especially for colored hair.