How pretty our fingers look when we wear rings! A simple ring can enhance the beauty of our entire hand. However, there is always that fear that the ring will cause our finger to turn green!

That dreaded moment is freaky but thankfully, there are steps you can take to ensure it doesn’t come.

  1. The green stain is not dangerous or harmful. Thus, you don’t have to worry. The easiest fix is to stop wearing the ring causing this. If you aren’t allergic to the metal, it is only a chemical reaction and the stain will fade over time. Copper rings usually cause this but there have been such incidents with gold and silver rings as well.
  2. Do not buy cheap jewelry. Yes, cheap jewelry. We know you are rolling your eyes but remember that cheap quality jewelry will only last so long. It may be very cute and easy on the pocket but it is also low on quality and can tarnish very quickly.
  3. Remove your ring(s) when you bathe, apply lotions, etc. Don’t wear rings at the pool either. This will lower chances of chemical reactions.
  4. If you really want to wear a ring that is giving you that green coloring, clear nail polish will help. Apply it to your ring on the inner side and let it dry. The barrier created will avoid coloring. You may need reapply the coat every now and then.

There you go. Not so difficult, is it?

Image Credits: BernardaSv/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos