Come festive season and most women crave for glittery, sparkly makeup that will highlight their best features while making them appear every bit festive. But, glitter is for young girls! Says who?

Glitter can be worked tastefully to make you come across as a stylish woman rather than a Christmas tree or a college dropout.

Here’s what you should do if you like having glitter on you:

  • Apply a gel or liquid eyeliner in the colour of your choice. Follow up with a metallic glitter eyeliner just above the existing line and flaunt the subtle sparkle.
  • Use coloured glitter on the lower lash line while going basic on the upper lashes. Ensure you use this trick only after you apply the mascara.
  • Dab your silver glitter liner in the inner corner of the eye and gently blend with the tip of your finger. This trick will make your eyes look fresher and will flatter your face too.
  • Do a smokey eye makeup and then, using the tip of your finger, deposit a glittery eye shadow just at the centre of your eyelids. This will draw attention to your iris and make your eyes look pretty without being too jazzy.
  • Use pale gold glitter to accentuate your cupid’s bow (the centre of the outer edge of your upper lips). This will add an interesting dimension to your lips without making them look gritty.

There you go! Glam up with glitter, in your twenties or not.