With makeup, it is advisable to keep it to yourself and stay selfish. Many bacteria and thus, diseases are linked with the testers you see and try at makeup stores. Every time you touch or use a makeup product, you are introducing a great number of germs into yourself. Especially eye care and lip care products must not be shared or tried. These areas are sensitive and can easily be infected. You must thus be very careful and keep your products only for your personal use.

Makeup artists use the same cosmetics for many people but the prominent ones make sure that they take good care and precaution in order to avoid any such contamination or disease. Using disposable applicators and sponges is the best idea. Next time you are getting your makeup done outside; follow these steps to be careful and safe:

 Ask them to use a new tester. If that is not possible, ask them to use a disposable applicator.

 Ask the artist any doubts or questions that may be bothering you. Ask him how he cleans his products. This will help you gain some confidence and faith in him.

 Don’t go to the makeup store during the weekends. The stores will be busier and many people will be using the testers time and again.

 Wash your face first thing when you come back home.

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