Do you have olive skin and usually find a hard time getting your makeup right? This tutorial is for you!

Applying The Base

Women with olive skin are very lucky because they can wear the widest range of makeup shades. If you are looking at a shade that will accentuate your natural beauty instead of masking it you should go for honey and caramel shades.

For The Eyes

Blue, brown, burgundy, and green are just a few of the shades you can pull off. Use eye shadow with shimmer to lift your eyes and wear black eyeliner. Brown eyeliner is also a good choice.

For The Lips

You are in luck in this case as well from nude to blood red, just about everything will suit you. The most popular choices are corals, peach, pink, gold, bronze, nude, and red.


You must be careful while choosing the right blush for your skin. Deep warm pink, golden coral, deep peach, and berry are good choices. Cream formula is recommended because it gives a dewy look.

Image Credits: Jupiterimages/ Creatas/ Thinkstock Photos