It is very important to go to your doctor if you find any skin mole suspicious. It can be a sign of malignant melanoma or a life threatening skin cancer type.

While examining your moles, these are the pointers you should check. Presence of any of these indicates that you see a doctor immediately.

1. Asymmetry: If you have a mole in which each half is different and one half doesn’t resemble the other half.

2. Irregular Border: If your mole does not have a properly defined border.

3. Color: If your mole has different colors like red, white, brown, black or blue.

4. Diameter: If the diameter is larger than an eraser.

5. Evolving: If the color, size and shape of the mole keep changing from time to time.

6. New Mole: If a mole that develops after you are 20 years old.

7. Pain: If your mole is painful, itchy and it bleeds.

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