Your eyebrows speak volumes about you.

You may always have well-shaped eyebrows, which is why you don’t understand their importance. Let them grow wildly for a while and you’ll realize just how much impact they have on your entire look.

Pay Attention to your Eyebrows

Here are tips to keep in mind when it comes to eyebrows:

  1. Eyebrows must have very strong definition. They should define you very strongly. If they don’t, you are not doing justice to your look and you are not using your eyebrows to your advantage.
  2. Your eyebrows should be shaped such that they emphasize the eyes and your face. Badly shaped eyebrows, on the other hand, will attract attention on themselves and you will be frowned upon or even laughed at. Again, not unless you endure that will you realize just how important shaping your eyebrows it. When your eyebrows are perfectly shaped, you come across as very confident.
  3. While it is completely up to you, you shouldn’t go for very thin eyebrows or very thick eyebrows. Extremely done eyebrows also look bad. It is okay to experiment with your look to see what suits you the best. Once you find a winner you can go for it all the time. Be sure not to go extreme, though.

Image Credits: Yuliya Libkina