Nails are subjected to a lot of damage each day. Many women thus have brittle and damaged nails. This is why you should take various measures to make sure that your nails are healthy. Here are a few tips for you:

1. If you have thin nails that break easily, you should soak them in olive oil for ten minutes everyday. Continue this for a month and your nails will be stronger.

2. Buy a good cuticle cream in order to nourish your damaged nails with vitamin E. Apply the cream each day before going to bed.

3. For daily chores, wear gloves. Cleansers and detergents are harsh. It’d be ideal to use gloves while gardening, washing utensils, etc. thus.

4. Adjust your diet and eat food rich in biotin. Include cooked eggs, liver, avocado, and cauliflower in your diet.

5. You shouldn’t use nail polish remover more than twice a month. Don’t buy a nail polish remover, which has acetone. It can damage your nails further.

6. Drinking water helps in many ways. Helping your nails is one aspect. Your nails will be hydrated and healthy if you drink loads of water.

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