Your wedding will be the most important day of your life. One small mistake can screw it all up. Most women face problems with makeup and when it doesn’t end up how they want it to be, it all goes down the drain. We have some excellent tips from professional artists that will help you avoid disasters:

  1. Before buying a car you test drive, right? Why not go for a trial before taking the risk on the big day? Hire a makeup artist after you see his/her work first hand.
  2. Don’t be cheap. Deals are tempting but falling trap to them is not the way to go. If the artist is charging extremely low, he/she is either not good or is starting out. They may also be insecure about their skill. Now, would you go with someone like that?
  3. Start prepping your skin months in advance for the big day. Don’t expect makeup to do everything for you. Natural glow is the best and that will only come when you care for your skin months in advance.
  4. Trust your makeup artist. Once you have made the call through research and trial, trust your artist. He/she will do his/her best for you. Also, be nice.

Image Credits: sergeyryzhov/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos