Do you look at celebrity pictures and go, “Wow! I wish my skin was so radiant!”

Well, you don’t need to just wish anymore. You can actually get skin like that. The best part is, you don’t really have to work hard for it. You just have to alter your skin care routine a little and you will have glowing, soft, and smooth skin soon! Here are a few tips for you to follow:

  1. Wash your face twice everyday. The first time you wash it should be in the morning and the second time should be at night, before hitting the sack. Make sure the cleanser you use is mild. Massage your face as well as your neck gently in circular motion and then rinse.
  2. Use a soft exfoliant and exfoliate at least once every week. A lot of dirt, oil, and dust accumulate on your skin. You should scrub it all away for clear skin! Don’t use a harsh scrub though. It could damage your skin and cause redness and itching.
  3. Spray a little toner on your face as well as your neck and wipe it clean with a soft cotton ball. This will remove any cleanser that may have escaped your rinsing process.
  4. Moisturize your entire body right after you take a bath. Buy a good moisturizer that you can use on your body with ease and not just your face.
  5. Protect yourself against the sun! Use an SPF for sure because the sun causes the most damage to your skin. Apply sunscreen with at least SPF 20 before leaving the house and reapply every 3 hours.

Photo credits: rikl64