There are a number of moisturizers in the market today and it is very difficult to find one that suits your skin needs. You have no other go but to rely on the trial and error method when it comes to buying moisturizers. However there are a few guidelines that will help you with your search. Here are 4 tips to follow:

1. The first five ingredients: When you pick a moisturizer, check the first five ingredients. Lanolin, glycerine, petrolatum are some ingredients to locate. Glycerine should be chosen over lanolin because it is safer and won’t cause allergies. Also, make sure you don’t go cheap. Buy only reputed brands.

2. Sunscreen: Instead of buying separate sunscreen, choose a moisturizer that offers sun protection. This is important because the sun’s rays can be very damaging to the skin. SPF 30 is a must. You might have to look a little longer but you will find a trusted company that offers moisturizers with sunscreen.

3. Buy according to your skin: Remember that face moisturizer and body moisturizers are different. Buy according to your specific needs because the skin on your face is delicate in comparison to the rest of your body. Hence, you should be specific. Also, buy according to your skin type – oily, dry or sensitive. You will find labels indicating the specific skin type. Buy accordingly.

4. Retinol moisturizer before bed: Vitamin A or Retinol is important for your skin but you need to remember that it should only be applied before going to bed. It enhances cell regeneration. But you need to be careful if you have dry skin because it might cause irritation.