It is important that you have firm and toned skin in order to look beautiful. It is not just enough to get a suntan during the summers. You need to make sure that your skin is hydrated. Here are quick steps for you to look beautiful perfect with toned and firm skin.

 Dry Brush: Use a dry brush in circular motion on your body every day. This can help you oodles by removing all the dead cells.

 Smooth Canvas: Once you finish dry brushing, use a homemade body scrub and containing coconut oil and sugar.

 Body Wash: Use your body wash and pamper your skin in the shower. Make sure you buy a body wash that suits you. There are many out there. Make sure thus that you choose the best.

 Oil: Before you apply your moisturizer, spray on a little oil. Make it quick by pouring oil in a spray bottle. This will help you lock the moisture in.

 Bloat: Bloat is such a turn off. Get rid of it with a three day detox trial. You can find one in the market easily. Along with that, simply cut down on coffee, alcohol, sugar and salt for the three days and see the difference!

 Stretch Marks: Sure you can’t get rid of stretch marks but you can stop them from getting worse and you can also prevent them altogether. Make sure you moisturize every day and keep yourself hydrated throughout.

 Cellulite: Use a good serum that works to fight cellulite. Use it every day.

 Moisturizers: Make sure you buy one that serves more than just one purpose. Select one that has skin firming properties too.

 Sun block: Don’t ever step out without applying sunscreen. Carry one with you always if you stay outdoors longer or stay in the sun too much.