It can be tough to maintain your hair throughout the day especially if you have work to attend in the morning and a party to go to in the evening. Styling your hair itself can eat away most of your time. But follow the ideas given here and transform quick and easy from corporate hair to party hair:

 First of all, don’t wash your hair the same day as the party. Wash it one night before. This will give your hair the right texture.

 If you want to use a spray, use one that is non-aerosol. These sprays are not very sticky and restyling into the evening is also easier with them.

 For the office, wear your hair up. For the night, let it loose. Nothing is as sexy as flowing, loose hair.

 The updo for your office will also ensure a few curls when you let it loose for the evening. Then your job will only be to restore the volume by running your hands through it and you are ready!

 Don’t go for serums to style your hair. Use mousses or gels. Serums have the tendency to give your hair a very greasy look.

 Keep your hands out of your hair through the day. Your hands will add to the oil on your strands.

 After office, use a curling or flat iron to make your hair look better. If there is no time for it, use a comb to tease the hair roots so that you have volume.

Use your favourite hair accessories if you like and you are good to go to your party!