Some of us don’t mind spending a lot of money on our clothes. Some of us would like affordable. Whichever category we may belong to, we have one wish – long-lasting clothes. Time for wishes to come true! There are indeed ways through which one can increase the lifespan of one’s favourite clothing. Excited? Keep reading!


If you buy high quality clothes, of course you will be guaranteed a long life. But what about the affordable clothes? You’d want to extend their life span too. It is simple, really. All you need to do is take some good and proper care of your clothes.

Here are some steps that you could follow –

  • Caring steps begin right from the time you are in the store, purchasing the clothes. It is important that you select the proper clothes. For this, you should know your personality well. Instead of simply judging whether you buy the clothes or not based on the price tag, take a moment and think of the overall budget. Does it need dry cleaning? If yes, can you afford it? If no, choose something else. Always follow the instructions that the label carries. If you neglect them, your clothes won’t last even as long as they are supposed to; forget lasting for long!
  • Do you yank out tags of your clothes? Don’t! We have scissors to do that for us. Pulling the tag may leave holes and ruin the whole piece of clothing. Next thing you need to be really careful about is washing. Use cold water to wash your clothes. Many detergents work best in cold water and it will even save you some electricity. Overall, you’ll see quite a difference in the way your clothes look. While washing, zip the jeans and button the shirt. You’ll avoid tearing.
  • Be careful, always. Apply perfumes that stain before you dress up. Stains can easily ruin the piece of clothing. If you are a little clumsy and keep spilling things, it’d be advisable to go for dark colors. Separating colors is of course something all of us know of. Use good detergents and make sure you are using the right quantities of it.
  • Don’t iron too much. Clothes will wear out very quickly. Don’t fold them because they’ll wrinkle. Use good hangers to hang your clothes. Yes, these tips seem silly and obvious but most of us ignore them and bear the consequences later.

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