There are only three contestants left in the race for the title of The X Factor which is worth $5 million.
“One of these artists is going to be the legacy of this year,” Simon Cowell, creator of the show, judge and mentor to 19 year old Melanie Amaro said at a press conference in Los Angeles on Monday. “I believe they all have a shot. This is $5 million dollar talent here.”
The group of three also includes 28 year old trash collector Chris Rene who has previously been rehabbed and a burrito maker, 30 year old dad Josh Krajcik.

“They are all big on talent and charisma,” said judge L.A. Reid. “Each one has a distinct competitive advantage.”

Krajcik is going to go first in the finale followed by Rene and Amaro, a piano teacher who had won the advantage of picking the order. They are also going to sing duets with surprise guest singers.

“I have a big voice and there will be ballads [when I record an album] and songs that will make you want to dance,” Amaro said. “I’d love to do a collaboration with Mariah Carey. I love her and she is inspiring and has a big diva voice like mine.”

“I would do a mixture of hip-hop, and rock and soul,” Rene said. “I can’t wait for when that day comes.”

“I have been playing in small bars for so long and the recognition of what I do is what I strived for all these years,” said Krajcik. “And that’s why I’m here – to be recognized for what I do.”

According to Simon, they all stand a chance. “I have done a lot of these competitions before,” he said, “this will be the greatest final we’ve ever been in, in terms of talent.”