She is only 18 and she is grateful for quite a lot. Chloe Grace Moretz, the 5th Wave star has gone through a lot in her life on the personal front but on the professional front, she has seen success and fame.

She opened up about her personal life recently. Her parents got divorced when she was just as a child and her mother suffered from cancer. “My brothers really protected me,” the actress said. “They had a great bubble around me growing up. They really held my hand through it all. Without them I wouldn’t really know who I would be right now.”

She knows, though, that it helped strengthen her character. “They gave me the confidence and the power that I have now as a young woman,” she said said. “A large amount of the vocal ability I have, came from them telling me that, ‘You have a voice, you have the right to say and feel the way you feel.'”

How does she feel about boys? Well, she has 4 older brothers and so, it is “a little difficult,” she laughs. “They’re a little terrifying, but it’s good. I like that they show up and they’re like, ‘Yeah, go take my sister out, good luck!’ Keeps the guys on the edge of their seats.”

Previously, she said that trusting didn’t come easily to her. Now, she has turned a corner and says she would like to get started with someone who likes adventure.

“Someone who’s down to have a good time and run around and not really have any rules and regulations about things,” she said continuing on about the importance of spontaneity. “Really just try and keep it young and fun and understand that I’m going to be traveling nine months out of the year.”

As for the trust part, even though her father leaving her mother left Moretz feeling “betrayed by her bloodline”, she had some great friends that restored her faith in humanity. “That’s a huge deal to be able to have someone you can trust. It’s hard because you become set in your ways that you’re not the trusting one, because you’ve been messed over by the closest person in your life,” the actress said. “But the fact is, there are people out there that are trustworthy that do deserve your trust and aren’t going to mess you over. It takes a long time to realize that and to find those people, but they are out there.”

Image Credits: Chloe Grace Moretz / Getty Images Entertainment/ Thinkstock Photos