Meadow Walker, Paul Walker’s daughter, has no doubt gone through an awful time ever since she lost her father a year and a half ago in a fatal car accident.

During the Furious 7 premiere, which is her father’s final appearance on screen, she was seen clicking pictures with Elsa Pataky and Vin Diesel. They were both very close to Walker.

“She had nothing but love,” said Tyrese Gibson of Paul’s daughter on Monday night at the premiere of Brotherly Love.. “She said we checked all the boxes. She was very proud of the way we went about closing out this chapter.”

The chapter in question has been amazing and lucrative. Within a week of the release, it grossed $526.8 million and is still on top.

Gibson says it has more than just a box-office win to its name. “I feel like people have an emotional responsibility to go out and support this movie and it’s been life-changing,” the R&B crooner said.

When they celebrated, it felt very good to see Meadow join. “She was all smiles, she didn’t have any complaints,” Gibson said. She said, “You guys did right by my father.”

Image Credits: Vince Bucci/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Thinkstock Photos