Richard Simmons, the iconic fitness instructor, is safe.

Rumors were rife that he was being held in his home forcibly but his rep has finally spoken. He says that the rumors are false.

“As I have stated in the past, these claims are untrue and preposterous,” Estey says. “Richard, after 40 years of being in the spotlight, is now simply taking a break from the public eye and working behind the scenes to continue to help those millions of people worldwide in need of his assistance and on several projects to be announced soon.”

The 67-year-old is not in the spotlight anymore and that’s why rumors began that something’s wrong.

His former assistant, Mauro Oliveira, said on Saturday that the trainer told him during his last visit that they wouldn’t be able to see each other after this. Oliveira also claims that Simmons told him that Teresa Reveles, his housekeeper, is controlling his life.

Concerns were raised back in 2013 itself and many friends have said they haven’t heard from the trainer since.

He was MIA for over a year in 2014 but then, he came out in public after that to reveal a knee injury.

“I am so touched by the outpouring of love and concern I have received today,” he wrote on his Facebook page back then. “I have had a tough time dealing with this injury, as it is keeping me from doing what I truly love to do and that is to teach classes around the world.”

Image Credits: Alex Wong/ Getty Images News/ Thinkstock Photos