Nikki Lund was his ex girlfriend and business partner but now things have gone south. Richie Sambora’s ex has filed a police report against the guitarist. She has alleged that he not only assaulted her but also threatened to kill her. The rocker’s rep rubbishes these allegations.

Apparently, the 55-year-old threatened her over the phone saying he would make her “disappear.” A source close to the fashion designer says.

“She’s sick of living in fear,” says the source.

“The incident is under investigation,” Lt. Jennifer Seetoo with the Los Angeles Country Sherrif’s Department has revealed. “The victim didn’t come to the station. It was a call for service … We do have a person of interest, but we are not saying who it is. The detective just got the case this morning.”

The two were the minds behind the Nikki Rich clothing line. The have had an on-again off-again relationship for more than 10 years. However, the same source says that they have been apart for two years now. This year was the roughest between the two.

“He’s been physically abusive to her and hit her in the chest at a meeting [in January],” the source said. “This left her bruised and shaken up.”

“After this, he re-Tweeted something about Nikki being a nobody and a drug addict, and then started calling her cell and threatening her saying, ‘I will make you disappear. I have millions of dollars and I can make people disappear – you are nothing,’ ” the source continued.

“Nikki was in pieces and very scared,” the source added. “She has had extra security measures in her house and hasn’t been able to sleep. She taped his threatening phone calls and waited until he was in Bora Bora to file a police report.”

“This is a cluster of fabricated lies in retaliation for Mr Sambora’s decision to cease further funding of the unprofitable partnership, plain and simple,” said Sambora’s rep in reply to the allegations. He also said that they have been apart for six years now.

Image Credits: Stephen Lovekin/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Thinkstock Photos