The winsome floral printed dress that seven months old Princess Charlotte wore for her first ever solo photo-shoot sent many a people in a frenzy over where it came from.

Well turns out the woman behind the now famous dress is the Princess’ nanny Maria Turrion Borallo who purchased the dress from a store in Spain.

The petite frock is from M&H and cost just $32!! The store that the nanny got it from is located in Valladolid and is close to the royal nanny’s hometown.

The owner of the clothe store can hardly contain the happiness about the fact that the royal family chose clothes from her store for the little princess’ debut shoot. She said her clothes are classic and simple. Well if it caught the royal family’s eye, than they sure are. She further added that all the similar pieces across her five stores have been sold and another 15 have been pre-ordered!

The royal Nanny has been known to buy items for the baby and the cute handmade bonnet that Princes Charlotte wore when leaving the hospital was bought by none other than Nanny Maria.

Princess Kate’s fashion bloggers are still baffled about the origin of the dress. They find it hard to believe that the royal dress came from a small store in Spain as against an upmarket London store.

Well the little pink cardigan that the Princess sports along with the famous floral frock is still a mystery!

Image Credits: cheekylorns/ iStock Editorial/ Thinkstock Photos