Seems like things have been relatively quiet for Jessica Biel over the past few years and she is pretty much under the radar now. Yes, she is a mother, and a busy one at that but Jessica’s career nose-dived much before she embraced motherhood.

Why isn’t her career seeing the light of the day?

Firstly, because she has nothing remarkable about her. Get her to play love-interest roles and she is fine. She looks pretty and sells tickets. But that’s that. “She never attempts to stretch herself” say industry insiders.

According to The New York Daily News, an agent even went ahead and warned Biel that she should be getting an acting coach and do independent films that showcase her talent and not just her beauty if he wants to survive in the industry.

Secondly, she heavily relies on husband Justin Timberlake’s for relevance and fame. That goes against her. She finds it hard to escape Timberlake’s shadow. Had she married a B- lister, she would possible shine alongside him.

Thirdly, she did not hire the right agents who could have made her pick better projects. She instead looks only at the ‘money’ when signing movies. As a result she lost out on the quality of work while generating a good quantity of films.

Like many teenage actors struggle to succeed and admittedly fail to keep their career momentum going, Jessica too met the same fate.