No matter how greatly you dress and how fashionable your ensemble may be, if you go wrong with your daily routine, the end result will not be appealing.

We all get into routines and some of these routines hinder our beauty. It is time to see where we are going wrong so that we enhance our beauty and ultimately our fashion sense without worrying too much!

  1. Over-plucking eyebrows: If you have always shaped your eyebrows yourself, you surely don’t know how much of an impact properly shaped eyebrows can have on your beauty. Go to a professional and get them done once. You’ll be surprised.
  2. Washing hair everyday: Shampooing your hair every single day will strip it off essential oils and cause a lot of dryness. Experts recommend hair wash only once in 2 days.
  3. Applying nail polish in haste: While applying nail polish you must apply nail base coat. The base coat will help protect your nails and will enable the polish to stay on longer.
  4. Choosing wrong makeup: Some people use the wrong foundation tint while others use too much shimmer. Such mismatches can cause a serious issue with your beauty. Be careful while purchasing and applying makeup.

Image Credits: Alliance/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos