Winters are upon us and winter clothing is out of the closet.

One of the bare essentials of the winter season is the scarf. It is stylish and helps you protect yourself from chilly breeze. Back in time you had only one or two options of scarves and they were more of a necessity. However, now they are highly fashionable and are used to look great as well.

A Fun Way to Tie A Scarf

Here is a cool new way of tying a scarf:

  • Wrap your scarf around your neck.
  • Create a loop by pulling your scarf from the middle. Make sure the two ends that are hanging are of similar length.
  • Twist the loop to form an 8 shape.
  • Hold the left end and slide it into the 8 and pull it down.
  • Hold the right end and slide it into the 8 from behind and pull it down from the middle.
  • Tighten the knots.
  • You are ready to be stylish and chic!

Image Credits: AnnaKika

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