Jeans will always remain in fashion. They are a must have for many reasons. To begin with, they are extremely comfortable and the variety available today is simply amazing. You can wear them just anytime you like. The fact that there is so much variety available just makes them even more desirable without a doubt.

You just pick a pair of jeans that you like and buy it. Is that it? Is there nothing more to buying and wearing a pair of jeans? Well, there is a lot more. You have to pick the right jeans for your body type in order to look trendy, cool and great. Here are a few tips for you:

• If you are short and thin, you should buy skin tight jeans. They will make you look very attractive.

• If you are stout, buy darker colors and darker designs.

• Dark colored blue jeans are best for those who are short.

• Taller girls may wear tight jeans but must be careful to choose jeans with fewer pockets.