Fashion trends change very often but there are a few that manage to remain hot for a long time. There are a few such trends that make a huge impact on both celebrities and the others alike. Some of these trends are those that we wish never die out and always remain in vogue. Here are a few:

1. Aviators: These sunglasses are amazingly sexy and sleek. They are chic and can be used by both genders. They come handy especially during summers when utmost sun protection is required. There are metal-rimmed and plastic variations and you can choose based on what attracts you and suits your personality.

2. Ruffles: This fashion trend has indeed come here to stay. Ruffled blouses and dresses have taken many people by storm. Ruffles are not just feminine; they are flirty and can be a lot of fun. There are also ruffled shoes and handbags but the dresses are very popular and many hope that they remain as such.

3. Tribal prints: These are bold and out-there. They became a fashion trend in 2010 and are still very popular. There are bright prints and patterns to choose from such as African, Native, Aztec and other tribal patterns.

4. Faux Fur: Faux fur is being used everywhere right from hats, vests, coats to jackets and various accessories. Today even shoes and handbags can be seen with faux fur. Fur denotes luxury and sophistication and that is probably why fur is still popular.

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