Dresses! Dresses! More dresses!

We all love dresses but when it comes to choosing them there are a few rules. None of us is perfect but that doesn’t mean you should avoid dresses that you love.

The market is full of excellent options that you can choose from so that you buy beautiful dresses that highlight your assets and hide your flaws. In order to make the right pick, though, you should understand your flaws.

  1. Thick waist: Apple-shaped women usually have a thick waist. You need to choose dresses that take the focus away from the waist and to your torso. Drop waist and empire dresses are the best for you. It is best to keep away from belts as well.
  2. Full thighs and hips: Pear-shaped women have full thighs and hips. Your job is to select dresses that don’t let attention go to these regions. This means that the right dresses for you are the slightly longer ones. A-line dresses that reach your knee or end an inch above your knee would be just perfect. Also, you can focus on embellishing your neckline so that it draws attention.
  3. Small chest: If your bosom is not your best feature, you should keep away from deep necklines. Dresses with sequins and other embellishments, instead, will add some dimension and help your chest look much better. You may accessorize with layered necklaces as well.
  4. Heavy arms: Cap sleeves and sleeveless dresses are not for you. Choose bell sleeves or ¾ sleeves so that no one focuses on your arms.