It is extremely cold and all you want to do is snuggle, right?

Four White Clothing Tips For The Winter

The fact that winters only allow you to wear lots of layers, barely making room for fashion is another dampener that does not make you feel like stepping out. If these are your thoughts, you will be surprised to know that you actually have numerous options in the color you wouldn’t even imagine: White!

Oh yes, blend in with the snow in style with these excellent white options:

  1. Trench coat: Wear a white trench coat with a warm dark colored sweater and you are good to get out in style!
  2. White coat: It is not just the trench coat that is fashionable. You can wear any coat that you are comfortable with and look very trendy. Pair a white coat with black.
  3. Faux fur: We are against fur but we are totally with faux fur that is made without hurting any other being. Buy an astounding white colored faux fur coat this winter and protect yourself.
  4. Ankle skirt: Ankle skirts are vintage but beautiful. Pair them with white sweaters and you will look gorgeous. Don’t forget to wear comfortable heels!

Image Credits: Maria Morri