Sheer tops are very stylish but they are also vet intimidating. If you want to wear sheer tops, you should know how to because any mistakes will reveal way too much. You can avoid such disasters by thinking smart and wearing the tops right.

To start off with, choose a thicker fabric. This will give you some confidence because it won’t reveal as much as a paper-thin sheer top would. Here are some ways to wear sheer tops without giving away too much:

  1. Button up: Button-up sheer tops are the best. Buy one and button it up all the way up. By doing so you will be able to balance sexy and style. Don’t worry you will still look fab! Complete your look with black colored trousers and ankle boots.
  2. Use pattern to your advantage: There are many sheer tops, which are patterned and have textures. Such tops will shift the focus and thus you will be able to wear them with ease. With a patterned sheer top, you can wear skinny jeans and a blazer.
  3. Wear a cami or tank: If you are too uncomfortable, wear a tank top underneath. It will protect your modesty and you will look sophisticated at the same time!
  4. Pockets: Sheer blouses with pockets placed strategically are ideal for you. Make sure the pockets are opaque though. By doing so you won’t feel exposed and you will still look stylish.

Photo Credits: Idhren