When the temperature is soaring and there is lots of dancing on your to-do, it is important to choose to dress in a way that is super comfortable and airy along with being stylish and beautiful. Here are a few tips that will help you make heads turn effortlessly.

  1. Keep the time in mind:
  • If it is a day wedding, a flowy summer dress or a pastel skirt will do wonders.
  • If it’s an evening one, Stick to satin or chiffon dresses (you always wear a dress to a wedding! No jeans here!), with cloth embellishments to avoid making your dress heavy.
  • Lightweight is the way to go.
  1. Color Sense:
  • Choose the color of your outfit wisely.
  • Most of the weddings have themes these days. Avoid dressing in the theme color because probably all bridesmaids will be dressed in that hue.
  • Or worst, you don’t want to be one among the curtains.
  • Do not wear white- It’s disrespectful! (Unless it’s your Wedding of course!)
  • By all means, avoid black- you aren’t going to a funeral.
  1. Accessorize Sensibly:
  • Choose strappy stilettos to glam up your comfy dress. Peep toes make for a great option too.
  • Wear minimalistic makeup that is waterproof (and sweat proof)
  • Wear a classy perfume along your collar bone and on your wrists and a shiny gloss on your lips.
  • Steer clear off wearing heavy baubles.
  • A small and elegant clutch or a wristlet will add the oomph.
  • Do not forget to be armed with a powder at all times as your defense against sweat and you are good to go.

Go shine!

Image Credits: sonjaarose/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos