Leather is a heavy material, which keeps you warm. However, that doesn’t mean you should wear it only during the cold weather.

There are numerous leather options that you could explore and wear during summers and the spring, too. These include leather skirts, leather biker jackets, and so on.

Leather Options for Summer and Spring

Read on to find out leather options that won’t suffocate you in summer:

  1. Buy a leather jacket of a lighter color. Leather is usually associated to black and other dark colors. If you want to wear it during the summer season, a good idea would be to wear a lighter shade such as baby pink. Team the jacket with a short skirt and flats for the perfect light look.
  2. A sleek leather dress is an excellent option. Wear a slim line dress with clean lines and you will turn heads for sure. Wear light makeup and a single accessory to go with the dress. Complete your look with summer shoes.
  3. Leather shorts can be worn to showcase positive attitude and style at the same time. Buy a pair of leather shorts this summer instead of your staple linen and silk! You can team them up with a tank top or a nice blazer.

Photo Credits: Fashionista’s