Looking to dazzle the beach? You need to wear the perfect swimsuit.

The thought of buying a swimsuit is scary for most women because they are worried about their figure. That shouldn’t be a problem because there are sexy swimsuits for every figure!

Yes, the swimsuit world has advanced greatly and no matter what your figure may be, you will find the right one soon. Here are a few tips:

  1. Pear shape: You have a pear shaped figure if your lower half is wider. Celebs that have pear shaped bodies include the dazzling Kim Kardashian. Buy a one-piece suit. Don’t buy bottoms that will draw eyes to your lower body.
  2. Wedge shape: Your hips and waist are narrow. Your shoulders are wider. Angelina Jolie also has wedge shaped figure. You need a printed bottom to make your lower body more apparent. Pair that with a halter-top. You could also buy a cut out one-piece swimsuit.
  3. Rectangle shape: Your entire body is in one line, isn’t it? Anne Hathaway’s is too. You could wear a fun bikini to look amazing on the beach.
  4. Apple shape: Your upper body is larger while your lower body is smaller in comparison. Scoop necks will do well for you.

Photo Credits: Alaskan Dude