Do you think Victorian hairstyles are posh and trendy? I do too. They are as elegant as elegant can be. I am sure you think so too. Why not recreate it in your own way and look modern and elegant at the same time? You can wear this hair style for your prom or for a wedding and turn eyes everywhere you go.

You can try this hairstyle if you have long, straight hair. Here are the instructions for your very own Victorian 3-braid.

First of all tie hair into a normal ponytail.

Loosen the ponytail to a certain extent and then separate the hair above and below the band very carefully with your fingers.

Create a flip through by grabbing the ponytail and pulling through the part.

Now, divide the ponytail into three different sections and make a friend hold two of them.

Braid the remaining section that you are holding. Do the same to the other two sections too.

Loop all the three braids now and tuck their end in the flip through.

Secure your hairstyle in its place using pins.

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