Winters have officially begun and you need to stock up big time on warm clothes. If you are looking to feel ultra-cosy and look ultra-chic at the same time, faux fur is your thing.

Here’s giving you reasons why you should stock up on this sexy thing:

  • Black puffer coats are passé. A long faux fur will do a better job keeping you warm and enhancing your look. Plus faux fur looks très chic on just about anybody and anything.
  • If you have a boring wool coat collecting dust in your wardrobe, pin a fur lapel to it and see how it jazzes up the piece.
  • You can even use faux fur stoles to rev up boring winter clothes.
  • Faux fur jackets look so much better than you normal long ones and they look great with anything from jeans, dresses to skirts. Team up your jacket with metallic jewellery and leather boots and rock winter with style.
  • Faux fur hats also look cute. They even don’t mess with your hair as much as wool does. Just make sure not to pair your fur hat with any other fur item or you may well end up looking like a Davy Crockett.
  • Have you considered trying a long fur vest? You must if you haven’t yet. They look wonderful with fitted sweaters and skinny jeans.

Try faux fur and you will never go back to banal jackets and other heavily layered winter wear. Go rock winter with élan!

Image Credits: AdamRadosavljevic/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos