Some animals live much, much longer than you can imagine. Enter the beautiful world of animals and you’ll realize just how many are capable of outliving us with utmost ease. Let’s talk about a few here:

  1. Tortoises: We all know tortoises can live for over a 100 years, some even up to 200 years, but did you know why? There are three reasons. Firstly, their growth is glacial. Secondly, they barely need any energy to live. And thirdly, their body parts stay strong despite aging.
  2. Tuatara: This lizard can easily live for 100 years. The fact that it can hold its breath for an hour with ease probably helps its case!
  3. Jellyfish: Jellyfish are immortal. Yes, you read that right. They do not die! They simple revert to their asexual form and start from scratch again!
  4. Koi fish: They can live for a century. These beautiful pond creatures are surely a wonderful sight!
  5. Elephants: These amazing giant creatures can surpass most humans quite easily. Their average lifespan is 65-70 years but some live to see their 80th birthday too!

Image Credits: Ingram Publishing/ Thinkstock Photos