For some it is a movie, for some others it is a dinner date. For some more others, it is fitness! The definition of romantic differs from couple to couple and if you are fitness freaks, you are in for great treats.

There are so many different alternatives to movies and dinner dates that you’ll be astonished. You can do numerous things together, keeping the romance alive and getting some exercise together!

  1. Ice skating: We don’t think anything could be more romantic than holding his hand and ice skating? If you want to be active and do not want anything intense, this is what you should go for!
  2. A race: Jogging is common. How about a race? Set a distance, ensuring it is achievable for both of you. Find a running coach for consultation. Get, set, go!
  3. Naked yoga: Bikram yoga is hot but naked yoga takes sexy to an all new level. Workout and romance together – intensely.
  4. Try salsa: If all you can do is the robot dance it is time to make some changes. Sign up for salsa classes together and experience the magic of dancing together.

Image Credits: Pilin_Petunyia/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos