Oh yes, we are back with the weight loss blabber but this time we have some fresh, new advice.

We are not going to bore with classic tips to lose weight because you have probably already gone through everything that the Internet can offer. We are, however, taking a step further to enlighten you about ways to lose weight and stay in shape even after that.

  1. Stop drinking your calories: The easiest way to put on weight is to drink sodas, wine, etc. They add up calories real quick and it will take you hours at the gym to get rid of them. Instead, just eliminate these drinks from your diet and make it a habit for everyone at home. When it comes to drinks, water is the best.
  2. Eat mindfully and don’t fill up: Cut off all distractions such as the TV and keep your phone away when you are eating. This will help you focus only on your food. Now, as soon as you feel 80% full, stop eating. Eating mindfully will not just help you focus on how much you are eating but will also enable you to enjoy each morsel.
  3. Start snacking healthy: Snacks are important because they give you energy in between meals. However, this doesn’t mean you fill up on sugary treats and others of the sorts. Eat healthy snacks such as nuts. They are delicious and filling.
  4. Change your perspective about exercise: If you look at it as an undertaking, you won’t really find motivation. Also, you don’t need to go to the gym to exercise. There are many different ways to do so and most of them are fun. Choose exercises that suit you and enjoy them.

Image Credits: Carey Hope/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos