Sweet craving? Oh, we are all familiar with that feeling.

More often than not we give in to this feeling and end up feeling terrible after snacking up on M&Ms and cookies. Sweet craving usually comes from lower sugar levels but dehydration and stress can also be the reasons. We have some tips to help you stay away from sweets:

  1. Don’t spend on junk food: If there’s no junk food at home, you won’t eat it. Simple! When you crave for sweets and they are right within reach, it is easy to give in. However, the prospect of heading out and buying sweets can discourage you. That is why, we recommend no junk food at home.
  2. Eat well and eat on time: A hungry body craves for sweets. Thus, eating on time and eating well will minimize the craving.
  3. Force yourself to wait: Cravings come and go. This means that if you can ignore the pang for about 20 minutes, it will most likely pass.
  4. Drink some water: When you feel like eating sweets, drink water instead. It will hydrate you and make you feel full.
  5. Eat fruits: Fruits have sugar and they are healthy. So that’s hitting two targets with one arrow!

Image Credits: moodboard/ moodboard/ Thinkstock Photos

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