Working out on a daily basis is not only good for your body’s strength and endurance but also for your brain and skin. It’s important to incorporate exercise in your daily routine in order to look and feel healthier. However, exercises or the lack of ‘proper’ exercises can lead to injuries and that might put you off your workout creating a negative cycle.

If you have an injury too but cannot afford to skip your daily exercise, here are a few injury friendly options that you can try:

  • If you are experiencing a lower body injury, do deep water running. Use flotation belts to assist your training. Water based exercise feels lighter and easier on your body and it is less impactful on your bones and joints. Since it is harder to wade through water than across land, aim for time rather than distance while maintaining your step cadence.
  • Bikes have long helped athletes maintain their cardiovascular health while nursing injuries. You can choose your bike (group cycling bike, recumbent bike, or upright bike), depending on your injury and performance levels. Bikes help reduce impact on lower body injuries while strengthening the legs. A recumbent bike may be a comfortable option for upper body injuries though.
  • If you have a leg cast, or a knee brace on, and you absolutely must rest your lower body, you can use an upper body ergometer. Also known as ‘arm bikes’, ergometers can help you build your upper body muscular endurance and rev up your cardiovascular health.
  • Use low impact machine weights and bands if you can to strengthen your core and help heal your injuries better.
  • If you are stuck in bed however, you might try doing breathing exercises to ensure optimum supply of oxygen to the body and organ health maintenance.

There you go! Don’t develop a defeatist attitude if you suffer an injury. Workout out because you have no excuse. Here’s to a fitter you.