If you house pets, you ought to be well versed with basic first aid for pets to handle common emergencies. When faced with serious or life-threatening situations, it is best to call a veterinarian, but most others can be handled with a little know how.

Here’s your pet first aid 101:

  1. If your pet has got a frostbite, get the pet out of the cold into a warm environment. Fill a tub with warm water and submerge your pet in it while keeping his head up. If you see the skin turn pink, it is a good sign indicating the pet is warming up. Get the pet out of the warm soak and then gently massage the affected area. Cover the animal in a blanket till you can get access to a vet.
  2. If your pet has choked on something, He may find it difficult or impossible to breath, he may change colour or drool. First try and physically remove the item from your pet’s throat by opening and examining the mouth. If you are unable to remove by hand, slap your pet on its back to dislodge the object stuck in its throat. Try Heimlich manoeuvre when all else fails. Once the item is dislodged, call a Vet to check for any internal injuries.
  3. If your pet has a bleeding cut or wound, take a clean towel first and cover the wound. Apply a little pressure to slow the bleeding. Next use a mild soap and water to clean the wound. Apply an antiseptic solution, and wrap a gauze bandage over the wound. Change this bandage once every 2 days depending on the severity of the wound.
  4. In case of severe diarrhoea and watery stools, try your best to keep your pet well hydrated. Feed him lots of water mixed with electrolytes. Even if the pet refuses to drink water, administer forcefully with the help of a dropper. Minimize their food portions and keep their diet bland. Try to keep the pet away from extreme heat and stressful activity.

 Always remember, call a vet when in doubt. Some things are best left to a professional. Happy petting!

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