Who said eating healthy meant eating only brown rice and steamed vegetables? Most of you surely stay away from the restaurants because you are worried you will get fat because of the unnecessary calories. If you take a little care, you will be able to eat out without having to worry about all that. Here are a few tips to stay healthy and fit even as you eat out:

 Check if the menu specifically says that there can be no substitutions. If it does not, feel free to ask them to make the required substitutions. The staff always looks to please its customers and thus, you only need to be polite to them to get what you want.

 Order the sauces separately on the side so that you know how much you are actually consuming. Sauces are loaded with calories and if they are dumped on to your meal, you won’t know how much you are actually taking in. As a general rule, use only one or two scoops.

 Size is everything when it comes to meals. In restaurants, the average meal size is usually larger than you usually eat. You should never consume rice and pasta more than a fistful. Steak and salmon can be eaten of the thickness of your palm. If your vegetables are not drenched in cream, oil or butter you can eat as much as you want.

 Chinese foods include unbreaded meats, steamed veggies and broth based soups all of which are healthy. You can order all these foods without worrying.