Aging is something every woman who has a pulse is afraid of thanks to the wrinkly lack lustre skin it invites. Anti-wrinkle creams and serums have flooded the market to help women with their skin insecurities. How about adopting a natural and less expensive way to boosting your skin’s youthful glow and delay fine lines and wrinkles?

You can indeed do that. Practice what’s called facial yoga, which helps you maintain a youthful glow on your facial skin.

Here are some wonderful benefits of practicing facial yoga:

  • It is free! Spending silly money on expensive cosmetic procedures and over the counter creams is not wise choice. Practicing facial yoga is.
  • Its 100% natural. Most anti-aging creams contain heavy fragrances, paraffin and harmful chemicals. Why unnecessarily cause long term damage to your skin in a bid to look young when you can spend just few minutes a day practicing facial yoga?
  • Certain facial expressions that we practice as a habit can contribute to deeper wrinkles. Facial yoga helps you recognise when you are unconsciously furrowing your eyebrows or pursing your lips. It therefore slows down the progression of aging drastically.
  • Facial yoga helps release the stress we carry in our neck and face. It alleviates stiffness and helps make the skin look and feel more bouncy.
  • It helps tone and tighten up your face. Flabby cheeks and double chins can all be got rid of.
  • When you practice facial yoga, your face draws up extra oxygen and blood, stimulating the production of collagen. Needless to say, your face emanates a natural glow.

There you go! Those are enough reasons to steal a few minutes right now and give your face a delightful workout. Here’s to a younger you.